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Pacific Organics’ scientific process

Natural processes controlled through the application of science for optimal performance every time

Pine bark media base is the organic skeleton that container potting mixes are built on. This skeleton is typically fleshed-out by adding such materials as peat moss, lime, sand, fertilizer and micro-nutrients.

Stabilization is the key to pine bark based growing media. Our careful control of the aging process turns green pine bark into the perfect base for container potting mixes.

Get it wrong and you have a potting mix based on unstable material. That makes it impossible to maintain the right irrigation and nutrient program which leads to lower yields, longer growing times, water-logging and anoxia of roots. The worst part?  The unpredictability due to the wild variations from batch to batch.

Pacific Organics is the only supplier of scientifically-defined media bases for container potting mixes

Reliable performance

Optimal results every time

Pacific Organics’ state-of-the-art pine bark processing facilities and uncompromising quality control ensure every load you receive is fully stabilized and meets clearly-defined specifications for key physical and chemical properties.

This eliminates the uncertainty and risk that comes from using incorrectly aged potting mixes.


Quality control

pH and EC readings, soluble salt levels, wetability, moisture content, bulk density, particle size gradation, total porosity, air space and container capacity… every load must past stringent quality control tests.


Reliable supply

You want an uninterrupted supply of quality material from a supplier you can trust to deliver on time. You can depend on the Pacific Organics team – we set high standards for our products, even higher for our service.


Tailored products

For top results you want a potting mix that’s finely-tuned to your specific nursery application. Pacific Organics’ media base is available in a range of particle sizes for the right aeration/ hydration balance.