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Quality control for consistency of supply

A truly scientifically-defined product is crucial to achieving optimal and reliable growing conditions

Pacific Organics is the only supplier of a truly defined product. The key elements requiring definition for the nursery market include both physical and chemical properties (pH and soluble salts). The key physical properties include particle size gradation, bulk density, total porosity, (% of air), air space (% of air after water saturation and drainage), container capacity (% of water after water saturation and drainage), and moisture content (% water after saturation). We test every load to ensure specifications are met every time.

Our 6-step quality control

Why strict quality control matters

The number 1 frustration most nurserymen we talk to have with potting mix is unpredictability

Unpredictability comes in 2 flavors – unstable products with rapidly-changing characteristics, and variations from batch to batch. This makes it hard to maintain optimal growing conditions, manage irrigation and fertilizing programs, or predict yields and growth times.

Combating unpredictability is why the focus at Pacific Organics is on producing a stable, well-defined product you know will always deliver high performance. To achieve this we have assembled the right facilities, processes, and knowledgeable team.

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