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High-quality pine bark products

For superior performance in nursery and landscaping applications

Pacific Organics creates the quality media base and mulch that nurserymen and landscape professionals demand.

We specialize in supplying nursery operations with premium aged pine media bases that are an essential ingredient in high-performance container potting mixes. Our scientific approach with strict quality control ensures a fully-stabilized and highly-predictable that delivers optimal results every time.

This same expertise and approach goes into creating superior mulch and soil conditioner for landscaping applications.

Custom potting mix

For nursery applications a range of materials (peat moss, lime, sand etc.) are added to our media base products to create container growing media.

Pacific Organics can supply ready-made potting mix optimized to your requirements with the same scientific approach and strict quality control that goes into making all our products.

Potting mix media base

Pine bark media base for potting mix optimized to the full range of nursery applications.


Peat Moss alternative

Particle size 1/8” down to pan size

Pine Bark designed to provide a pH buffer and cation exchange compatible with Peat Moss.



Particle size 1/4” down to pan size.

Propagation bark that provides excellent water holding capacity as well as added airspace.


Hydrating potting mix

Particle size 3/8” down to pan size.

A media base that delivers higher moisture retention due to its greater distribution of smaller particles.


Aeration+ Potting mix

Particle size: 1/2” down to pan size

Greater aeration and porosity from a higher percentage of larger particles. Combats water-logging and anoxia of roots.


All-purpose potting mix

Particle size 1/2” down to pan size

Optimal balance of aeration and moisture retention for superior results in most container nursery applications.

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