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How you can combat the peat shortage

The CSPMA (Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association) represents 95% of North American peat production. They have released a statement saying we are facing one of the poorest peat harvest seasons in history due to heavy rain hitting major production areas.

In short, there is a significant peat shortage causing real concerns over cost and supply during the 2012 season. Nurserymen are therefore being encouraged to switch to alternative mixes, heavier bark-based mixes, or coir.

Important: Testing your alternatives

However, any change in growing media means a change in physical properties, especially air and water-holding capacity. You will be surprised how much slower or quicker new mixes will dry.

To maintain consistent growing conditions it’s important you get new mixes porosity tested to match physical properties. And when replacing peat, high water-holding capacity is needed.

The answer…

Pacific Organics’ CC55 has a water-holding capacity of 55% which makes it an ideal replacement for peat (~60% capacity). And, with our unrivaled quality control and scientific method, every load undergoes porosity testing.

Substantial cost savings, smooth supply and a scientifically-tested alternative… don’t let the peat shortage impact on your business.