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Does your current mix measure up?

Looking for better plant growth or consistency you can rely on from crop to crop?

Pacific Organics is the only supplier of a truly defined product. If you’re buying from anybody else, how do you know exactly what you’ve got? Do you know if your current product delivers as promised? Too wet this shipment, too porous the last?

Get answers. Take advantage of our free lab analysis and report (a $142.00 value).

Why would we do this?

We believe all potting materials should be routinely tested to help you achieve optimal and reliable growing conditions. We believe it so strongly that we’ll pay shipment so you can send us a sample and we’ll test it for free.  Or, better yet, we’ll even come pick it up.

Most people agree that going to the doctor for a periodic physical is a good idea – yet few people go.  But what if the visit was free?  What if the doctor came to you?

Your free analysis and report:

At Pacific Organics we think you deserve the best results every time. It’s why we rigorously test every truckload we produce. We’re confident that our mixes are the most consistent and predictable products on the market because of it.

Test 1: Stability

Improperly handled pine bark can become anaerobic, leading to low pH and high EC (soluble salts) effecting growth /toxicity.

Test 2: Porosity

Total Porosity, air space and water-holding capacity are vital for optimal plant growth and consistent, reliable growing conditions.

Final Report

We will gladly send you a simple report on how your mix measures up relative to scientific benchmarks, and answer any questions you might have on how to gain better performance.

That’s it. No obligation. No high pressure sales. Just a simple example of how we do business, with our compliments.

Pacific Organics ships a quality control testing sheet and scale data with effort load. Does your vendor?

Call us today and we’ll ship you a pre-paid return box for a mix sample, or, better yet, we’ll come get it.