Pacific Organics

Specialist providers of premium pine based media base and potting mix

Pacific Organics are leading suppliers of premium potting mix and pine bark media base to nurserymen and landscaping professionals.

From our pine processing facilities in Henderson, North Carolina, we serve the Eastern United States, from Ohio to Maine, Maine to Tennessee.

Reliable results

Our scientific processes and strict quality control mean we are the only supplier to deliver a scientifically-specified pine bark media base to meet nursery operations need for high performance they can rely on.

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Pacific Organics believe in delivering unbeatable value to our customers. Our premium container potting mix is designed to reduce costs, increase yields, mitigate risk and reduce time to market.


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The consistent and reliable supply of quality products is made possible through our commitment to quality and exceptional service that drives every step of our science-based process.

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At Pacific Organics we have a team of friendly experts that are ready, willing, and more than able to assist, advise and share their knowledge to help you get the very best results.


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