Pacific Organics for premium potting mix, pine bark media base & mulch

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Pacific Organics

North Carolina’s trusted supplier of premium potting mix and pine bark media base

For thriving nursery crops and successful landscaping applications, Pacific Organics supplies the highest quality potting mixes, container media bases and shredded pine bark mulches.

The only suppliers of a truly defined aged pine bark product

Years of experience and specialist facilities create products that deliver superior results. It’s our unrivaled quality control and scientific method that ensure you can depend on each and every load.

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Quality pine bark media for optimal results

Container potting mix designed and thoroughly tested to consistently meet the demands of the green industry

Saving money, increasing yields and getting products to market quicker… choosing the right growing media will increase the profitability of your nursery operation.

Pacific Organics supplies the finest pine bark media bases (for combining with peat moss, lime, sand etc. to create potting mix) and custom-made container potting mixes to your specifications. We carefully control physical and chemical properties and we’re the only supplier of truly specified aged pine bark products.

You want great results every time, we help deliver them.

Aging gracefully — If you’re looking for consistent and predictable results the importance of proper aging of pine bark based container media can’t be overlooked. Carefully aged pine bark gives you many important advantages compared to less stable materials. Find out more about why correctly-aged pine bark is important.


Cost-effective quality

Predictable results come from predictable products. Our aged pine bark products are made to precise specifications that are assured in every load through strict quality control processes.


Trust the tried and tested

At Pacific Organics we’re serious about helping nursery operations achieve the very best results. A lot of thinking goes into producing our premium pine bark media bases and container potting mixes.

Pacific Organics

Delivering the
base for growth

Pacific Organics is dedicated to providing premium products to nurserymen and landscape professionals. From our 28.5 acre facility in Henderson, North Carolina, we serve the Eastern United States.

Cutting-edge facilities and quality control

On 28.5 acres in Henderson, North Carolina, you will find pine bark processing facilities and a team of experts like no other

Tour the Pacific Organics pine bark processing facilities and you will see a hive of activity.

There will be earth moving equipment turning windrows and transporting the various grades of material. You will see trucks rolling out load after load of quality product to our customers up and down the East coast.

You will notice Pacific Organics staff closely monitoring every step, taking samples and making measurements to ensure strict quality control.

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